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          Quality products for the best customers

          Online Auction features a wide variety of quality products at wholesale prices with our main locations in San Francisco, CA and Phoenix, AZ. We strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

          More than 20 years of auction experience

          We have the knowledge and ability to handle any type of auction. We handle small local sales, and large multiple-day, multi-million dollar auctions. Our services are tailored to fit each client's needs.


          Laptops, Smartphones & IT Equipment Auction

          Next Saturday, we will be conducting our online auction of IT equipment including smartphones, laptops "Dell", "Apple" and "HP", monitors, printers, servers, network components, switches, and various accessories.

          Children’s Clothes & Shoes Auction

          If you are looking for a new outfit for our kids, then our upcoming event is for you! Our new auction of kids’ clothes and shoes will start next Sunday at 11:00 (PDT) featuring exclusive clothing collections from widely known brands.